Can I Get a Vehicle Title with a Bill of Sale in Florida?

You can get a vehicle title from the State of Florida with a copy of the bill of sale. While it’s much easier to go to the DMV with a copy of the original title signed over by the seller, you can use your bill of sale to register the vehicle in your name and have the title transferred over.

Is a Bill of Sale The Vehicle Title?

No, a bill of sale is not the same thing as the vehicle title. A bill of sale is proof of a sales transaction that shows much the vehicle was sold for and the date of the transaction. It’s similar to a sales receipt you receive from a store when you go shopping.

The best example of a detailed bill of sale is the version car dealerships use. A dealer’s bill of sale breaks down the costs associated with a vehicle. Items can include cost of vehicle, dealership fees, warranty cost, taxes, and other line items.

Vehicle titles are only issues by the state. It’s a document that certifies who is the legal owner of the vehicle. In order for you to be the true owner of the vehicle of the vehicle you just purchased, you’ll need have the vehicle title changed over into your name.

How Do I Get a Vehicle Title In My Name?

You’ll need to make an appointment with your local tag office. To have the title changed into your name, bring a copy of the bill of sale. This will help make the process easier and also by having a copy of the original bill of sale, you’ll protect yourself from fraud or theft.