Getting Cash for a Broken-Down Car is Not a Dream

All cars eventually reach a state where their usefulness is significantly reduced. This is because cars are wonderfully complex inventions, and we rely on them. This reliance means we need cars to perform at a level deemed safe for drivers and passengers.

If you have a fifteen-year-old car that seems to be showing more and more signs of age and wear and tear, then it’s not impractical to consider junking your car and getting a new one. However, is it truly possible to get top cash for junk cars? Read on and find out how Hercules Auto Corp. makes it possible for every customer.


How is Top Cash for Junk Cars Possible?

Folks who have never dealt with a reputable salvage yard like Hercules Auto Corp. may wonder how junkyards make such smooth transactions possible. It all has to do with the demand for scrap metal.

Cars typically weigh more than a ton, and that’s a lot of scrap metal if you consider removing the auto fluff from the equation. Since automobile production is also nonstop, the demand for steel, aluminum, and other metals is also nonstop.

Salvage yards like Hercules, who offer free junk car pickup once we agree on the terms, provide extra service to customers while removing junk cars from properties. Junk cars can easily attract bugs and vermin and take up so much space. So if you have one, two, or more junk cars at home and you don’t know what how to fix them, the most innovative and eco-friendly option is to call Hercules and have us remove it.

We’ll pay you cold cash on the spot when we drive to your location to pick it up. You also can tell us to proceed to a public meet-up site if you don’t want us to go to your home. Most meet-up options work if our service area covers it.


How to Prepare for Junking a Car?

It’s an excellent idea to junk your car rather than keep it collecting dust. This is the best option for salvaging financial value from a junk car before it is sold for scrap.

Be sure to take all your belongings out of the junk car that you want to be salvaged. While some people may never leave their vehicle, others may only keep a few essentials. No matter what, some of your stuff will end up in the car. Check it over thoroughly, and be sure to remove your stuff.

Things have a way of getting lost or forgotten. Do not limit yourself to looking in the glove compartment. Check the trunk, floor, and other hiding places to find your lost items. Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in the car. The car should be emptied and not used as a garbage can before being delivered to a salvage yard.

Get rid of anything of value that you still have. Having the buyer agree that you can take anything of value out of the vehicle is essential if you plan to sell it for scrap. For example, you could make extra cash by selling the car’s tires, battery, stereo, or GPS. Never take anything out of the car the scrap yard was planning to take with them.

Try to deplete any remaining gas that may still be in the tank. Prioritize safety and legality above all else. If you need clarification on what to do next, consult a salvage expert. The loss of your car need not be catastrophic just because it is no longer operational.


Factors That Affect Junk Car Value

It’s simpler and quicker than ever to profit from a non-running vehicle. Your car may be dead, but you still have options. A malfunctioning automobile can be gotten rid of in three ways: by being repaired and resold, donated, or sold in its current condition.

But if fixing your damaged or broken-down SUV, van or truck will cost more than the vehicle is worth, it might not be worth the effort. Instead, selling your junk car as-is may be the best option if you don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy involved in donating a car.

A vehicle’s resale value drops in proportion to the miles it has been driven. So when, strictly, does a car cross the line into “junk” status? What steps should be taken if selling a junk car?

In addition to the number of miles on a car, other factors, such as its condition and whether it runs or can be repaired affordably, influence its value. To wit, a purchaser might also think about the following:

  •       How many miles does the junk car have?
  •       Does its body suffer from any damage?
  •       What’s the condition of the exterior and interior?
  •       What’s the vehicle’s model and brand?
  •       Just how much would it set you back to fix that car?
  •       How often did you take it out on the highway versus driving around town?

Used car prices take all these considerations into account. However, scrap metal prices dictate how much a junk car is worth.



There aren’t many options for selling a broken-down car. You could try trading it in, selling it to a dealer, or selling it privately to someone who heard about it from a friend or saw your ad in the newspaper or online marketplace in your area.

When your car stops working, and the cost of fixing it exceeds the value you get out of it, the choice is even more apparent. Selling your junk car to Hercules for cash has many benefits, including a quick and easy transaction and free towing of the vehicle.

All non-running vehicles are purchased for top dollar, and free removal is provided. Almost any motorized vehicle is welcome on our lot. We can buy your old, broken-down car even if you don’t have the title because we have access to the DMV records to confirm ownership. The process of selling a non-running vehicle through us is quick and easy.