Is It Illegal To Sell a Car or Truck Without a Title in Florida?

While it is illegal to sell a vehicle without a title through private sale, sellers can legally sell their car, truck or SUV to a licensed vehicle buyer in Florida.

Each and every vehicle has to be registered with the State of Florida whether it is running or not. When the original person purchased the vehicle from a dealership, a title certificate was issued for it. This registration number remains with the vehicle through it’s entire lifespan.

When a vehicle is sold, the title must be changed over to the new owners name and the state will transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. After the sale, a copy must be filed with the state along with the amount the vehicle was sold for. There has to be a continuous paper-trail to show each time it exchanged ownership, this is why title jumping is illegal in Florida.

Can You Sell a Vehicle Without a Title?

To sell your vehicle in Florida, you better have a copy of your title if you are doing a private sale. You can go online to order a copy of your vehicle’s title or you can go to your local clerk’s office to get a copy. If your vehicle is old, damaged or not running and you want to scrap it, there is no need to have the original title, you’ll need to file for a Derelict Motor Vehicle Certificate. This deems the vehicle as salvage and you’ll be able to part it out and sell them or you can scrap the car completely.

Don’t call a dealership… they will rarely take a vehicle without a title especially if you are doing a trade-in. A title is mandatory for financing. Instead, you’ll want to find a used car or a junk car buyer in your area. These companies are licensed in the state to buy, resell and salvage used vehicles. Even if you don’t have a copy of the title, junk car buyers can verify ownership and take care of the necessary paperwork. No title, no problem, is a common slogan used by junk car removal companies.

Can You Go To Jail For Selling a Vehicle With a Title?

Florida allows up to 30 days for you to file a title transfer.  If you do not do it in within this time period, there is a penalty fee added to the registration fee.

If you decide to sell a vehicle without a title, the act is called “title jumping”, which is a felony offense in all 50 states. This means there is no record in Florida showing the sale of the vehicle. Title jumping is when the new owners name is not registered as the owner of the vehicle after the sale. If caught, you may not end up in jail but you will have some legal issues to deal with along with court fees and fines.

How To Sell A Car, Truck or SUV Without a Title

Do it the right way, and try to have a copy of your title before you sell your vehicle. It makes it easier for everyone involved in the sales process. If you choose to not get a new copy of your title or file for a salvage certificate, don’t risk getting in trouble by selling it on your own. Just Google “no title no problem car buyers” to get rid of your vehicle the same day, without hassle or legal worries.