Can I Sell My Junk Car For $1500 in Fort Lauderdale?

You can sell your car for $1500 in Fort Lauderdale; however, getting that much for a used car may be difficult but not impossible. A few scenarios allow junk car buyers to pay top dollar for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Newer models less than a few years old are worth more, even with body or engine damage. Sports cars with high-performance parts are also usually purchased for more money than standard models.

While most old cars can fetch you $500 cash on average, some circumstances will boost the value of a junk car to be worth $1500. Large vehicles like Ford Super Duty F-450’s and luxury car brands like Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz can result in getting paid well above the junk car cash offers that cars like Chevy, Dodge and Chrysler are usually purchased for $250 to $350.

Is My Car Worth $1500 in Fort Lauderdale?

As we mentioned above, heavy vehicles and luxury vehicles will almost guarantee payment of more than $1000 per car, truck or SUV. The best way to check the worth of your car is to use Kelley Blue Book to estimate its value before attempting to sell it. An educated car seller will make more money than someone who doesn’t do any research at all. You’ll have an idea of how much your car is worth so you can make the best decision possible about who you sell it to.

What Can I Do To Get The Most Money From My Car?

To get the most money for your used car, you should take the time to have it cleaned properly inside and out, especially if you are expecting to sell it for $1500 or more. You can also remove aftermarket parts and accessories like your stereo system and speakers to sell separately. Rims are another item you can remove from the vehicle and replace with stock wheels so you can list them for sale on a marketplace.

You’ll also want to consider selling the vehicle privately if you want $1500 for it in Fort Lauderdale, and the car doesn’t fall under the heavy vehicle or luxury categories. List the car for sale online and see what kind of offers come in. If you want a less hands-on selling experience, you can contact a local dealership or a junkyard to find out how much they will offer for your used car.

Hercules Pays The Most Cash For Junk Cars

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