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Do you want to sell your car in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Hercules Auto Corp. will come to your house or place of business at a suitable time and give you cash on the spot for your old truck, van, or any vehicle regardless of maker or age.

Our skilled crew of auto buyers operates across the entirety of the Broward County area to cart away junk cars for spot cash daily. Regardless of the state of your vehicle, whether it is totaled or still running, or whether you still have the vehicle title or not, we will give you cash on the spot for it!

Anyone can take advantage of our junk car services in Fort Lauderdale- call us at 954-527-1990 to get in touch with a reliable junk car service that always puts customers first.

Get your junk car, van, truck (or any other vehicle) removed from your property in a few simple steps:

  1. Call us at 954-527-1990 and tell us about the junk vehicle you’d like to have removed from your home property or place of business.
  2. After accepting our quotation, we will pay spot cash for your junk car.
  3. Hercules Auto Corp. will permanently remove junk cars for free. So save big on towing services and get paid cash, too.

We will always be your best junk car buyers in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

The presence of an old, broken-down car, truck, or SUV on your property means you must deal with a potential source of toxicity and a nasty eyesore that everyone notices. Old, broken vehicles are not only unattractive in your driveway but can also leak toxic fluids and provide shelter for vermin if left for too long. 

Broken vehicles are known for potentially poisoning the land and water tables underground.

Selling your junk car to Hercules Auto Corp. is the best way to reclaim your space and dispose of the vehicle without the effort of repairing and reselling it.

Whether the vehicle was destroyed in an accident, was engaged in a flood or fire, or is past the point where it makes financial sense to repair it, you still have the upper hand in selling your junk car. Even if your car is in the worst condition, you can still typically sell it for spot cash.

A reputable salvage yard will inform you of the junk car’s market value and compensate you accordingly.

If you have a clunker in your driveway and want to receive the most excellent price at a yard that offers cash for trash vehicles, you should be as informed as possible.

When attempting to sell junk cars, the first step is to call reputable junk yards or salvage yards in your town or city. In the case of Fort Lauderdale, you can call us.

Local metal recycling facilities can sometimes acquire junk cars, but they may not collect your junk car for free. So the next logical step would be to obtain quotations from the local junk vehicle removal services. We always offer our customers the best quotations and value for their time and junk cars at Hercules. We guarantee you will get a decent spot cash value for your junk car.

When you call any salvage yard in Fort Lauderdale, they will ask for your contact information and basic information about the junk vehicle you wish to sell.

Be sure to have these bits of information ready, especially the name and model of the junk car. Furthermore, it helps if you can accurately describe the current state of your junk car. There’s no need to be embarrassed about the car’s state; be straightforward with the salvage yard so we can provide you with the most accurate quotation.

Giving us accurate information helps us process your transaction more quickly, and accurate information ensures that there won’t be any disappointment on your side when we come to collect the junk car.

Thirdly, accurate information can also help you get better prices from salvage yards. The value of a junk car depends on several factors, and you can ask the salvage yard for more information when necessary.

No decent salvage yard should ask you to transport the junk car to the salvage yard – this practice is unfair to customers and will cost them more. At Hercules, we will consistently cart away your junk car free of charge. So, if you happened to call another junk yard that doesn’t even want to be bothered with hauling away that junk car, don’t call them again.

Call us instead, and we’ll be sure to give you better customer treatment.

When a salvage yard approves your junk car for hauling away, you must prepare your vehicle by removing any personal items from it. Remove any items that may include your address, phone number, or other identifying information from every corner and crevice of the car.

Though clearing a vehicle may seem like the most apparent step just before a junk car is crushed and recycled for its usable metal and parts, many people forget to check their junk cars to remove documents and even valid identification documents.

If you don’t have a key for your car, Hercules can accommodate you. Tell our tower that you don’t have the keys anymore so we can adjust on our end.

Having your car junked also means you are doing your part in keeping the environment free of additional pollutants. Keep your city’s water system clean by eliminating potential sources of heavy metals and other toxins!

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To take advantage of our free junk car services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, call us at 954-527-1990.

If you can’t call, you can check out our Online Form.

Hercules Auto Corp. will provide a quotation and immediately coordinate with you for a quick pickup of your junk car. Expect a fast and effortless cash payment after. We will handle the rest of the process, so why not get easy cash for junk cars today?