We Buy Junk Cars Running or Not

One of the most common questions we are asked when someone wants to sell their junk vehicle is if we’ll buy it even if it is no longer running, and the answer is yes. Our junk car removal company will any vehicle, in any condition, whether it is still running or not.

Cash For No Longer Working Junk Cars

Junk car buyers like Hercules buy vehicles for cash daily that no longer work. Just because a vehicle is broken down doesn’t mean that the car, truck or SUV doesn’t have value left in it. Junkers and recyclers are always on the look out for vehicles they can dismantle. Majority of vehicles that are sent to junkyards and recycling centers are no longer running. These vehicles are usually stripped down of usable parts and pieces before it is disposed of properly.

Can I Get More Money For A Car That Still Runs Versus A Broken Down Vehicle?

Whether you can get more money for a running car versus a broken down vehicle depends on the current value and also demand for certain vehicle makes and models. If metal prices are high, junk car buyers are able to offer more money than during times where metal recycling prices dip due to market fluctuations. On the other hand, if a junk car buyer has someone in need of specific vehicles, those makes and models can fetch more money than usual. An example of this is a Ford buyer in South Florida who seeks out specific Ford vehicles to remove parts for resale.

What Can I Get For A Car That Doesn’t Run?

The national average cash payout amount for a used vehicles in the United States is $300. You should at least get this amount when selling your vehicle, unless the catalytic converter has been removed. On average, you can expect to receive between $400 and $600 for your used vehicle from a junk car buyer.