Why Did I Get A Low Cash Offer On My Junk Car?

You had a set amount in your mind when you went to sell your car and instead, the car buyer offered you a low cash offer to purchase it and you’re left wondering why. There are several factors that can contribute to a vehicle being undervalued when it’s time to sell it. Some of the most common reasons you’ll get less for your car, truck or SUV is the amount of wear and tear. If the vehicle has body damage of any kind, even minor dings that will lower the amount of money you can get for your car. A vehicle with dirty or ripped-up interiors will also lose cash value even if the engine is working fine.

Lowball Offer For Your Car

It’s common to get a lowball offer from a dealership when you attempt to sell them a vehicle. It’s up to you to negotiate how much you want for the car especially if you are using it for a trade-in offer towards the purchase of another car.

Shady car buyers are also known to give lowball offers for junk cars because it will increase their profit when they go to resell the vehicle. Our junk car company always pays fair market value for vehicles while some of our competitors will try to convince you that your car is not worth more a lot. While scrap metal prices do fluctuate which can cause a lower than expected cash offer for your vehicle to come in, you can always wait until precious metal prices increase so you can make more money. Keep in mind that prices will not significantly shift but at certain times they could lower or increase by a few dollars.

How To Boost Cash Offers For Cars

Taking good care of your car is one of the best ways to increase the amount of money you can get when selling the vehicle. Used cars that have minimal damage are worth a lot more than vehicles that have exterior, interior or engine issues. A well-maintained car that has regular oil changes and other scheduled maintenance is also more likely to get you more money for your car than a vehicle that was neglected.

When selling a junk car, you’ll want to strip all of the valuable aftermarket parts and accessories that you can resell for a profit. Junk car buyers purchase most vehicles based on their weight and not their condition unless you specifically tell them that you have a working car that still looks great. If this is the case, the junk car buyer will want to see it to give you a cash quote. Cars that are older but still look great and have no mechanical issues can be resold instead salvaged which increases the value of the car.

Get More Money For Your Car

To get more money for your car in South Florida, you’ll want to call a company like ours. The Hercules junk car buying team is one of the top-paying wreckers near Fort Lauderdale. On average we pay $500 for junk cars. Call us for an instant quote today. We’ll tell you what your car is worth on the spot.