Cash For Junk Cars

Get paid cash to get rid of your junk car in South Florida. You’ll find companies that will pay cash for junk cars in any condition. Junkers will purchase vehicles even if they are damaged and no longer running. Your vehicle has several parts that are valuable to recyclers and junkyards that sell car parts. Even if you think your vehicle is worth nothing, you can easily get some cash for selling it to a local junk car buyer like Hercules.

Junk My Car For Money

Don’t just give your car to a tow truck driver to dispose of it, instead call a junk car buying specialist to get rid of it. There is no point in giving your car away when it’s time to replace it. You can get money for your junk vehicle. Even the most beat-up junk cars will get you a minimum of $50 while most older vehicles can get you a few hundred dollars. The majority of junk car buyers in South Florida pay an average of $200 to $300. Hercules pays $500 for junk cars on average.

Cash Paid For Junk Autos

Forget waiting days for payment for your used vehicle. Our car buying company pays cash when we show up to pick up your vehicle. As long as the amount offered for your junk car is under $2500, we’ll pay you cash on the spot. For payments over this amount, we’ll cut you a check the same day.

Sell Your Used Car For Cash

Now is a great time to sell your used car for cash. You can use the money you make from selling your junk vehicle towards a down-payment on a new vehicle or you can use it to pay off bills or you can spend it on yourself.

The entire junk car buying process takes only a few hours to complete from the time you call. We’ll give you an instant cash quote and if you accept, we can be at your location within an hour or two to remove the vehicle. Just have your vehicle’s title and your ID ready so we can confirm ownership to complete the vehicle sales transaction.