How Much Is My Junk Car Worth?

The first thing you want to know is how much money you can get for your junk vehicle when you are ready to sell it. The value of the vehicle can vary widely depending on the year, model and condition. To get the most money for your vehicle in South Florida, you first want to figure out an fair value for what your car, truck or SUV may be worth and then the next step is finding the right buyer.

How Much Money is a Junk Car Worth?

When estimating the value of your unwanted vehicle, the first thing you should do is look online to see what others are selling the same year make and model you want to sell to get an idea of how much you could list the vehicle for as a private sale. Look at photos to compare the condition of the exterior, interior and engine to come up with a price for your vehicle.

If private sale isn’t an option, you can trade the vehicle at a dealership for a down payment on a new or used vehicle. Even if your car isn’t running, many dealers run promotions offering more on a trade-in for “we’ll buy any condition” vehicles. These sales events are rare however we suggest you check local dealership websites to see if they can offer you more money than selling it elsewhere.

Kelly Blue Book Value For Newer Vehicles

Many car sellers check the Kelly Blue Book website to figure out how much their newer vehicle is worth. If it’s less than 5 years, your car will be worth much more than a vehicle that is 10 years old. Kelly Blue Book will give you a fair estimate if you accurately enter the information the online quote tool requests. Enter your vehicle info to see what the estimated KBB value is.

Determining The Value Of Junk Vehicles

KBB does not provide the estimated value of junk vehicles. The price you’ll get for a damaged, wrecked or broken down vehicle will depend on the local market and demand for the year, make and model vehicle you are selling.

Getting Your Monies Worth From a Junk Car Buyer

The fastest and easiest way to sell a junk vehicle is to call a junk car buyer like us, Hercules.

Here’s a general breakdown for junk car cash payment.

$100 Cash For Junk Cars

The least amount you’ll receive for a junk car is $100. Vehicles purchased for $100 are typically have heavy damage from an accident which renders the vehicle useless. If the car does not have any salvageable parts that can be resold or the catalytic converter has been removed, you’ll get the base cash payment amount for disposing and recycling the vehicle properly.

$200 to $250 Cash For Junk Cars

You’ll get a lot of cash quotes in the $200 to $250 range for your junk car. It’s the standard cash amount most junk car buyers offer in South Florida. If your vehicle has partial body damage, engine or transmission issues, expect to get between $200 and $250 for your junk vehicle

$300 Cash For Junk Cars

A fair amount for most junk cars is an offer for $300. Older, unwanted cars that have some issues are usually worth $300. If you are selling your vehicle with custom rims, upgraded stereo system or aftermarket parts, you may be able to negotiate a slightly higher cash payment.

Sell Your Junk Vehicle For $500, $1000 or More

There are situations when a junk vehicle is worth $500, $1000 or even $2500. Older luxury and sport vehicles tend to have a higher resale value even if you are junking car, truck or SUV. Discontinued models may also be worth more to a junk car buyer who specializes in buying specific types of vehicles. New vehicles are also worth more. Dealerships frequently offer trade-in offers of $500 or more.