Junkyards in Miami That Buy Cars

Selling your car to a junkyard in Miami may require you to call a junk car buyer instead. Most junkyards that buy vehicles in South Florida purchase them directly from auctions or from local tow companies. Salvage and recycling yards also tend to not allow customers on their property which means there is no point in having your junk car towed to a junkyard if they won’t buy it directly from you.

Instead, we recommend you call us or another junk car buyer in the Miami area. We highly suggest you choose us because we love what we do, pay the most and show up when we say we will.

Sell Your Junk Car In Miami

Selling your junk car in Miami is super easy when you call our junk car buying company. The tow truck drivers at Hercules are experts at buying old and damaged cars. Our guys provide top-level service to all of our car-selling customers. You’ll love our service. We’re quick and we make it easy for everyone.

Miami Junkyard Junk Car Buyer

Who is the best junkyard in Miami that buys junk cars for the most money? It’s us! Hercules Buys Junk Cars.

Our company is located in Broward County and we’re considered the #1 junk car buyer in Miami-Dade. We have been buying cars for over 15 years in South Florida offering the most cash for used vehicles. You’ll get more money from our car buying service than most of our competitors in Miami. Don’t believe us? Call around and get some cash quotes for your junk car, truck or SUV. Then call us to see if we can make a better offer.

Junkyards That Buy Used Car Parts in Miami

Finding a junkyard in Miami that buys used car parts is going to be very unlikely. Miami junkyards are in the business of buying and scrapping junk cars to recycle them. They refrain from buying cars for a few reasons. The most common are inventory issues meaning the part you have is not in demand and will sit on their shelves for months or even years. The next is the high risk that the part being sold is stolen from a local dealership’s service center, an auto parts store or from a vehicle that does not belong to the part seller.

Due to these two reasons, junkyards prefer to buy the entire vehicle. So don’t waste your time pulling parts off a car unless you plan to sell them on Facebook, Craigslist or another marketplace.