No Title? No Problem! You Can Still Sell Your Vehicle

Selling your car, truck, SUV or van without a title is not a problem for many used car buyers. A licensed junk car removal company can provideĀ  a “no title, no problem” sales transaction to purchase a used vehicle from a seller. This means they will buy your vehicle even if you don’t have a copy of the title.

Will a Junkyard Take A Car Without A Title?

Most junkyards will accept vehicles that do not have a title as long as a copy of the vehicles registration is available or the VIN number is visible. Junk car buyers are able to salvage old cars without titles by verifying ownership through the state. Junkers are required to validate ownership and also submit a form for each vehicle they scrap.

Can You Scrap A Vehicle in Florida That Doesn’t Have A Title?

Absolutely. In Florida, all vehicles are registered and titled which means they can be junked. You’ll want to double check the title to the vehicle a few weeks after selling it to a junk car buyer or junkyard to make sure they filed the proper paperwork.

If you are junking the vehicle on your own, before you do so, you’ll need to file for a Derelict Motor Vehicle Certificate. This salvage vehicle certificate is issued by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and serves as proof that a motor vehicle will be dismantled or demolished. Once a salvage certificate is issues, the vehicle is no longer eligible for a regular title.

Best Way To Sell Your No Title Vehicle

The best way is whatever works best for you. You can get the required paperwork to cancel the original title and get a salvage certificate before selling it through a private sale or you can contact a local junk car buyer to take it off your hands same-day and within hours of calling. You may make more money selling the vehicle yourself, however the hassle may not be worth your time.