Sell My Car To Junkyard Near Me

Selling your car to a junkyard in your local area is a quick and easy way to dispose of an unwanted vehicle. Junkyards are constantly looking for used vehicles to purchase so they can salvage them for parts and metal. Finding a local junkyard that buys from the public may take a little time to accomplish as some won’t purchase directly from you.

Most junkyard owners prefer to pick and choose their junk vehicles from automotive auctions or from junk car buyers they have arrangements with to purchase specific makes and models. It is their way of keeping profit up and cost down.

Junkyard That Buys Junk Cars

There are two types of junkyards that you can sell your vehicle to. The first is a standard junkyard where vehicles are stored and used parts are pulled for sale. You’ll find a lot of pull-and-pay junkyards throughout South Florida that specialize in selling car parts. These types of junkyards are hit or miss for selling a vehicle because if they don’t have demand for your vehicle year, make and model, you may get turned away.

The other type of junkyard is a wrecking yard where vehicles are crushed and sent off to recycling facilities. You’ll see piles of junk cars stacked on top of each other that are placed into metal crushers to flatten the vehicles into smaller pieces so they are easier to stack and transport on semi-truck flatbeds.

Do Junkyards Pay Cash For Cars?

Junkyards typically do pay cash for cars when you sell a vehicle to them. It’s much easier for them to hand over cash than it is writing a check. Quick cash payments for old cars are a common way of getting paid at junkyards.

Junkyard Car Buyers

Hercules is a local junkyard car buyer specializing in buying unwanted cars in South Florida. We provide several junkyards and salvage facilities with vehicles we purchase in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.