Tow Trucks That Buy Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale

Not all tow truck companies buy junk cars, however some do. When a towing company does purchase junk cars, you’ll see them advertise “We Buy Junk Cars” on their tow trucks or in their advertising. What you need to keep in mind when selling your car to a towing company is their main business is to transport vehicles or provide roadside service. Junk car buying is a side business for them and due to the reason, you may not get as much money for your vehicle as you would from a junk car removal company that only specializes in buying used vehicles for cash.

Sell My Used Vehicle To A Tow Company

If you want to sell your used vehicle to a tow truck company we recommend you consider contacting a junk car removal company like ours. Hercules buys junk cars for cash. The only service we provide is junk car removal. We are not a tow company that provides regular towing services. Instead, we only buy used cars for cash. By selling the vehicle to a junk car buyer, the seller will usually get more cash for their car, truck or SUV than they would by selling it to a tow company who doesn’t purchase hundreds of cars each month like we do.

Tow Away My Junk Car

Don’t get tricked into thinking you have to pay a towing company to get rid of your vehicle. Professional junk car buyers provide free tow away service. Not only will you get paid cash for your junk vehicle, you also receive free tow removal. It’s a win-win for the seller.

Junk Car Tow Removal

Make sure you dispose your vehicle the right way. Some people think they can just take their car to a dump to get rid of it however that is not how it is done. You’ll want to contact a tow truck that buy cars Fort Lauderdale company to properly recycle the vehicle. Most junk cars are taken to salvage yards where parts are removed for resale while others end up at crushing yards.