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Hercules Auto Corp. has served South Florida since 1990, and we’re not slowing down even a bit! If you’re looking for a reliable, honest, transparent junk car buyer in Tamarac, FL, we’re here to help you. Hercules has been buying junk vehicles of all makes and models for decades. So whether you have an SUV, truck, sedan, or any other car in your driveway just taking up space and attracting rodents, Hercules Auto Corp. is interested! You can always count on Hercules to be courteous and helpful while answering your question about junking your car in Tamarac, FL. Hercules also makes the best cash-for junk car offers in Tamarac. We live and breathe the junk car industry and love what we do!


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All our customers receive free junk car removal services in Tamarac, FL. Just call us, and we’ll ask you a few questions about your junk car, and after the initial valuation, you will receive an accurate and transparent quote from us. Then, if you find the quote agreeable, we have a deal, and Hercules will come around to get your junk car.

Just tell us where you’d like us to drive so we can come to pick it up. Many customers call us and ask us to come to their residences to remove junk cars from the driveway or garage, while others prefer a public meetup place instead.

We also understand that people are super busy with work and other obligations, so you can also ask to schedule the pickup sometime in the week instead. We can do same-day junk car pickup removal services in Tamarac, FL, or schedule the pickup for another day. Again, your convenience as a customer is a top priority.


Tips for Making Money by Junking Your Car

The process outlined here will ensure you get the most money possible for your scrap automobile. Think over your choices carefully if you need to sell a junk car. Those with mechanical knowledge may be able to disassemble the vehicle and sell off its various components for a higher total price. Dismantling a vehicle for its useable parts, such as its GPS, battery, and catalytic converter, is known as “scrapping.” The car can be sold to a scrap yard once it has been stripped for usable parts. Depending on the state of the market, the metal structure could still fetch a nice sum.

Many sellers avoid the time and effort required to junk their vehicles by just selling them entirely to junk yards.

Scraping an automobile for components may not be worthwhile if the owner has no experience extracting pieces and locating buyers. Looking for purchasers of old automobile parts on internet marketplaces and local buy-and-sell groups can increase the worth of a junk vehicle by several hundred dollars at the very least. Sites like eBay and Facebook facilitate the linking of vendors with customers nationwide.


Market Your Used Auto Components

Find out where the buyers are before taking pieces from a junk car. It might be challenging to locate a place to keep the many pieces of a junked car. However, if you already have a buyer lined up, you may remove the part, clean it up, and ship it off to the willing buyer.

It’s not always easy to take auto parts off a car. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hiring a competent mechanic is advisable to help you remove the components. However, you may learn how to work on a car and take apart most models with the help of YouTube videos and other online resources.

After successfully removing the components, the final step is to sell them. Contact the buyer and work out the logistics of a meetup or shipping.


Remove Personal Belongings

All your belongings should be removed from your car’s interior before you arrange for towing. Don’t forget to look at what’s inside the trunk. It would help if you got rid of anything you no longer want, including the contents of your junk automobile.

 The tow truck driver or the workers at the scrap yard are not responsible for sifting through these objects. Vehicle cleanliness is not required beyond the removal of the trash.

Necessary paperwork, such as insurance cards and identification, should be taken out if the owner needs it.

Clear out the old car a day or two before the tow truck is due to pick it up. You can take your time and make sure you don’t neglect anything by doing this. When it arrives at the scrap yard, it will either be dismantled for its parts or shredded for its metal.


Compile Required Documents

The vehicle’s DMV title, insurance, and other documentation are staples of selling any car. In addition, there is usually paperwork required whenever a vehicle is sold, whether to a private individual or a junkyard.

A paper trail confirming a sale or ownership transaction ensures everything is done correctly and legally. Then, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to have the registration suspended and the title transferred to the junk car buyer or salvage yard.

Vehicles with outstanding liens cannot be sold to scrap yards. This means that even if the car is sold to a buyer who isn’t the original loan holder, the debt must be paid before the vehicle can be scrapped.

If you no longer have the DMV title, Hercules can still help buy that junk car! Just call us, and we’ll assist you.


Don’t Forget to Check the Market

It’s essential to look around for the most excellent price when selling anything of value, including a car. By calling around, you can get quotes from multiple junkyards or junk auto buyers. Most price estimates should be roughly the same. Thus, a drastically lower one may be a lowball offer. If you’ve received multiple bids, pick the highest one. You can increase your income with just one hour of investigation and phone calls.

Companies like Hercules make the selling process straightforward. You can get a quote anytime during business hours and get top cash for junk cars in Tamarac, FL, from us!


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