Who Buys Junk Cars Without Keys

What do you do if you don’t have keys to your vehicle and you want to sell it? It depends on who you are selling the vehicle to. No matter what, you can sell your vehicle even if you don’t have a set of keys to go with it.

The problem is, not all buyers will take a vehicle without a set of keys. If you are selling a car, truck, SUV or van that is still running, it’s in your best interest to have a set of keys available if you are doing a private sale. If the vehicle is no longer working or damaged, the junk car removal company won’t need your keys.

Can You Sell a Vehicle Without a Set of Keys?

Yes, you can. You’ll need to disclose that you don’t have a set of keys available when you sell your vehicle. The car buyer, whether a person buying it from you, a dealership or a junk car buyer needs to know if the vehicle comes with a key or not. Depending on what the buyer intends to do with the vehicle may require having a key.

Will A Tow Truck Tow My Car Without Keys?

Most tow truck companies will tow a vehicle without keys. Tow trucks are equipped to tow disabled and damaged vehicles which means they can easily tow a vehicle they don’t have the keys for. When calling a tow company for junk car removal, let them know the vehicle is without keys to ensure the tow truck driver arrives with the correct tow truck to take your vehicle away.

How Much Money Will I Get For A Car Without a Key?

Selling your car with a key to a junk car buyer will typically not lower the value of the cash offer. Most junk cars are taken to recycling or salvage facilities where they are parted out or disposed of. A key is not needed. You can expect to get the standard cash offer for your vehicle with or without a set of keys.