Who Buys Old Trucks?

For starters, Hercules will buy your old truck for cash in South Florida as will other junk car buyers in your local area. Our car buying company is known for paying the most cash for used trucks. Whether you have a newer model or you’re selling an older truck that no longer runs, we’ll make you a cash offer to buy it same day. Our tow truck drivers arrive within an hour or two after you call to pickup the truck for free.

Sell My Used Truck For Cash

Sell your used truck to our junk car buying company for cash. No need to wait for a check or a direct deposit when Hercules pays cash instantly. When you call us, we’ll ask for some general information about your truck to determine how much it is worth. If you have a classic truck or a new model, make sure to tell us about as much about the truck so we can give you a fair offer.

Cash For Damaged or Wrecked Trucks

Have a truck that has been damaged in an accident or it no longer runs? We’ll still pay you cash for your junk truck and in some situations a junker may offer you more for the vehicle than your insurance company. Just because your vehicle was in collision, it doesn’t mean there is zero value in it. Trucks that have heavy body damage will have usable engine or interior parts that junkyards can resell while trucks with blown engines can have the exterior body work removed and resold. Vehicles that have been damaged in a fire may still make you a few bucks if you request a junk car buyer disposes of it for you.

Buy My Truck Today

While we are known as a junk car buying company, we also buy newer trucks. Have a 2019 pickup truck? Call us before you contact a dealership, you may be surprised by the amount of cash we offer. Same goes for older trucks. Our junk car buying company purchases classic trucks all the time for cash in South Florida. So when you’re ready to sell, give Hercules a call to sell your truck.

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