Car Buyers For Junk Car Removal

Attempting to get a cash quote for your junk car from a local junkyard, salvage yard or recycling center can cause delays in selling your unwanted vehicle because these facilities are busy parting out and crushing cars. While they do purchase vehicles, the process is a lot longer than calling a local junk car buyer like Hercules.

Junk car buyers specialize in tow removal on a daily basis whereas junkyards usually purchase their vehicles from junk car dealers or from auctions. They are not in the daily market of purchasing vehicles for cash. Tow removal companies are set up to make same-day purchases and many pay you cash on the spot.

Get Paid Fast For Junk Car Removal

Getting paid quickly for junk car removal is the daily grind for our company. Our tow drivers can be found throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties. We purchase several vehicles daily which makes us one of the fastest car buyers in town. Our car buyers will not keep you waiting to sell your vehicle. Most cars are picked up within an hour of the initial call.

How Do I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

To get the most money for your junk car, you’ll want to remove any accessories or aftermarket parts from the vehicle and sell those privately. Items like stereos, spoilers and rims can fetch you a few extra dollars if you decide to sell them on your own.

You’ll also want to call around when you’re ready to sell your vehicle. Depending on the junk car buyer you are contacting, you will receive several offers. If you feel the cash quotes are too low, you can ask for a specific amount as long as it is reasonable and within market value. Companies like ours try to get you as much as cash as possible for your year, make and model vehicle.

No Title No Problem Junk Car Removal Service

One of the most common questions we are asked if we can purchase a vehicle from someone who doesn’t have a copy of the title and the answer is yes, we can still buy the vehicle from you. Our tow truck drivers who pick up junk vehicles can verify ownership information and process all of the necessary paperwork required by the state to salvage a vehicle on your behalf.