Most Cash For Junk Pickup Trucks in South Florida

Pickup trucks are in high demand and that means junk pickups are also in demand. Junkyards and salvages yard in South Florida are constantly in need of pickup trucks due to local mechanics and body shops wanting parts for repairs. Lots of vehicles are repaired using used car parts that have been removed from old, junk and wrecked vehicles. The reason why junkyard car parts are preferred by some car owners is that it’s a lot cheaper to buy a used car part than it is a brand new one. Due to this reason, junkyards are willing to pay top dollar for junk trucks.

Where Can I Get The Most Money For My Truck?

When you’re ready to sell your truck, you’ll need to decide if it’s best to sell it through a private sale, to a dealership or a junk car buyer. Our junk car buying company works closely with junkyards in Broward so we can pay the most cash for pickup trucks. We pay more than most of our competitors for certain makes and models. The trucks that go for the most money are Ford F-Series, Dodge RAM, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra even if they are damaged in an accident or the engine doesn’t work.

Are Used Pickup Trucks Worth More Than Cars?

When junking a vehicle, most pickup trucks are worth more than cars due to their weight. Junk car buyers value vehicles based on how heavy they are as most are sold to recycling facilities.

Truck cash quotes are based on their weight and the amount paid is completely based on current scrap metal prices that can fluctuate daily based on the market. For newer trucks, the process to value it is different because the vehicle may end up getting resold to a local used dealership or to a junkyard that sells a lot of truck parts.

Sell Your Truck For Cash

We want your truck and we’ll buy it from you today. Our junk car buying company pays more for pickup trucks in Florida. If the truck is older than 10 years, we can buy it without a title. If it’s a newer truck, we’ll need the vehicle’s title to complete the purchase.